“Master Charles consultations have taught me to be calm and listen to people’s suggestions which brought me new business opportunities which greatly helps in my life. After wearing the DESTINY CODE RING, I felt that I became more patient, calmer. Most of my friends also notice the change in me. He helps me to have faith in the energy of the ring which also helps to solve many of my problems either work or family matters.”

Jerry Lee | Enterpreneur

我觉得自从带了号码戒指,感觉做工顺利,有贵人的帮忙。很多事情迎刃而解。家庭和事业都很好。听了Charles ooi 的算命解说我觉得方向清晰了很多,所以想做的东西都大胆尝试,决定也果断了。每当有事发生都会想到Charles 说的focus,所以可以很focus的去把每个问题一一解决。

Aik Chok | Enterpreneur

I started to wear my DESTINY CODE RING in September 2012.. To me, every time I see my ring, it’s kind of like a reminder to me, it always reminds me to think positive.. Indeed, I always believe, when you are positive, Positive things happen! That is why I wear my ring 24/7 😄

If by just hanging a 165 NUMBER FRAME  in your kitchen does help you to tune and balance the bad situation in your house.. I don’t find a reason why should I say no to it 😊

Life goes up and down, cannot be denied we need a mentor in life.. Every time I face some problems, I do ask for a consultation from Master Charles.. He always give me a direction that others don’t…it makes me feels calm..I feels blessed to have know him in my life 🙏🏻❤️

Joey Chia |  Sandakan, Sabah | Taiwan

How do i feel after wearing the DESTINY CODE RING:


I feel such a strength and power in my voice and everything I do already. I feel calmer and sharper in solving problems, turning negative energy into positive solutions.


I’m blown away and thank you so much. I’m so grateful and I feel like a door has been opened for me.



LJ Saw | M-150 Energy Drink Malaysia Infra Bunga Sdn Bhd


“The DESTINY CODE PENDANT made me feel peaceful in my family & brought me tremendous business opportunities together with wealth. “

Dato’ Brian Scott | Entrepreneur.

Thank you, Master Charles for the honour to write a few words about how your guidance has helped me positively.

I have known Master Charles for over a decade.  We met at a mutual friend’s launch party and when it was made known he was a numerologist, there was a beeline to his table as he was giving free numerology reading! This is basically how Master Charles is; he shares his advice generously and with care. I find his readings to be spot-on and sensible. His corporate background also helped as he understands business challenges and coupled with his knowledge of metaphysics, his consultations guided us in making better decisions.

If one understands numerology, you will know that numbers vibrate and affect almost all facets of life. I have worn Master Charles’ DESTINY CODE RING as long as I have known him. The ring is personalized with our “destiny code” and has a profound impact on how we think and react. I like to say it calms me and helps me make good decisions!

This trust in Master Charles’ numerology is premised on observing his personal growth over the years. When he strives to learn something, he gives his very best to obtain superior results. A case in point is his photography; from a newbie to an award-winning photographer all in the span of 8 years! He is gifted with a good eye and I believe there is a connection to his spirituality that complements his work in numerology.



Kuala Lumpur

Before I met Charles, I had many ups and downs throughout my career path and has made me less confident to embark on my career journey.

But a year ago, destiny brought me to meet Charles. From there Charles has consulted and enlightened me in many forms such as, understanding my strength and weakness which was based on my “destiny code”. He has guided me through what I should be focusing on and opening up my heart to see things from a different perspective in terms of business and life.


This “density code” pendant, i would say there is no scientific fact to put it but it’s a feeling that you must trust and believe which I did. It has led my heart and my conscious mind to make up the right move in every single step in my life and my career. I have a clearer & focus direction in what I would like to achieve.

                                                                      Henry Teoh | Business Owner

Back in 2018 I was swirling with business and family relationship challenges, through a mutual friend and fellow cyclist, I was introduced to Master Charles Ooi. I am not a fan of fortune tellers or believe in divine intervention, but nevertheless, I convince myself to consult with Master Charles thinking what I have to lose.

Master Charles’ consultation was precise of my life cycle and enlightened me of my life destiny. I bought the DESTINY CODE RING and the 165 NUMBER FRAME, after having it for the past 2 years, it has somehow helped my personal life. Business is running smoothly, my office employee relationship is great, I was able to see clearly my client’s direction and I am doing great with negotiations. Family relationships and love life have never been better, we had less family quarrels and kids are obedient. While wearing the DESTINY CODE  RING, I felt the energy to drive me on and the motivation to pursue and focus on whatever I am doing.

I believe that anyone should at any stage of their life assess where you were and where you are heading. If you are looking for a transformation in your life, this is absolutely necessary and you need guidance from a person like Master Charles, for this I am really thankful to him.

K R Ng | Business Owner

I have consulted with Master Charles premised on numerology for many years. He is professional and his guidance has helped me in navigating my businesses well. Through his consultations, Master Charles imparts valuable knowledge to guide his clients towards improvement. Master is an extremely patient and willing to spend time to ensure his clients understand the readings .

Jk | Entrepreneur

The DESTINY CODE RING has brought me wealth and sudden flow of greater opportunities in business. At the same time, things that weren’t well previously have made a remarkable transformation. It has given me answers to some of my unanswered questions. Things have been going well within my family and I’ve been calmer than I’ve been before which ultimately improved my personality and my relationship. Thanks Master Charles for the 165 number frame and Destiny Code Ring.

Flora Yeoh | Corporate

“Master Charles Ooi consultation has taught me about a lot of things, that life is all about timing and timing is interrelated with numbers. He makes me realize how important it is for us to be patient in life, the power of staying calm and the key to remain consistent. Our business in Villa Danialla Resort has gone through some challenges but with his help and advice, I can see the result tremendously. I’ve felt better Positive vibes and the good Chi at the resort. But above all, he has helped me to improve myself spiritually and mentally, to stay focused and clear and off course stronger. I’m very grateful to have known him. “

Datin Seri Haflin Saiful | Villa Danialla Beach Resort Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

“After wearing the DESTINY CODE RING, I feel a lot of opportunities and make me more calm facing all problems but those opportunities also depend on our own how to make it happen.

David Budiman | Indonesia

“Setelah mempelajari POWER OF THE LIVING NUMBERS, ternyata bermanfaat bagi saya kerana saya jadi lebih mudah mengerti dan memahami kekurangan dan kelebihan orang-orang di sekitar saya seperti keluarga, sahabat, karyawan, klien-klien saya, maka saya bisa mengambil sikap yang bijak terhadap mereka sehingga suasana dalam keluarga dan kantor menjadi lebih nyaman dan harmonis. “

Adelia | Notaris n PPAT, INdonesia

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Master Charles for helping me to achieve my goal and be my navigator. After I have worn on my DESTINY CODE BALANCING NUMBER 1346 I became luckier, drawing a lot of positive people to me, business growth and improved relationships with my associates.”


Ken Wong | Prudential Assurance, Malaysia

“Ever since I wore the DESTINY CODE RING, I’ve been busy with business calls and new opportunities flowing in. My relationship has been getting better. Marvelous results from the power of the numbers. Above that Charles has been very accurate in his calculations and spot on about my personality which brings out the best in me.”

Datuk Lynnette Seet | Malaysia

“The readings that I get from master Charles are not like any other that I have known of so far. Not only that it is accurate on the surface, it goes even deeper into the roots. Charles reading will give you an insight of who you are, what you are and what you are capable of. Whether you have fulfilled your potential, can you fit into the organization you’re working in, your love life, your family, your health condition. He can tell you all of that. But most importantly, in his consultations he gives you the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. His sincerity to help and give advice on people’s lives is where he stands on different grounds as compared to other Numerology Gurus and Masters. And with the opening of this website, I hope that his gift can reach everyone that needs his help. Thank you master Charles. God Bless.”

Windy Nagata Halim
A very happy client, and now, a very good friend, Indonesia